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  • P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | Virgo Full Moon

    Group Meditation Replay | 16th March 2022

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | 2.2.22 Portal

    Group Meditation Replay | 2nd February 2022

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | Yule Celebration

    Group Meditation Replay | 20th December 2021

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | 11.11 Portal

    Group Meditation Replay | 11th November 2021

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | Autumn Equinox

    Group Meditation Replay | 21st September 2021

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | Planetary NY

    Group Meditation Replay | 26th July 2021

    P r o j e c t E a r t h w o r k | Summer Solstice

    Group Meditation Replay | 20th June 2021

  • J U L Y | Online Group Meditation

  • Planetary New Year | Online Group Meditation

    7:00pm - 8:30pm UK time | Wednesday 27th July 2022


    Meditation Outline | Free Event

    In our meditation this month we will share more information about connecting to the energies of the planets, bringing forth expansion of consciousness. Ceryn Rowntree will bring through more information, channeling the planetary connection and Yolandi Boshoff will be taking us on a journey to connect with these planetary energies. Rachael Morley will then harmonise these energies through her magical sound journey.

    Channelled Symbol for July

    "New fertile planet cycles of abundance"
    Symbol Channelled by Charlie Edwards

    This is a free online event. If you haven't already signed up to our mailing list to receive event information, please do so to register.

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