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    Project Earthwork was founded in early 2021 by a team of five women with a mission to support this beautiful planet we call home. Each month we gather online with Grid Keepers from many different places for earth connection, energy activation and healing. We are supporting the planet and collective transitions into the new age through the healing of earth grids, reintegration of ancient wisdom and activation of new heightened vibrations, while strengthening the connection between earth and the cosmos.


    These sessions continue to grow with over 100 people connecting in. At present our monthly gatherings include energy activation, meditation, vibrational sound healing and spirit channelling, all with the aim to raise earth consciousness through connection. Our intention is to grow this project even further, reaching more people than ever before to support and nurture the earths wisdom.

  • G R I D ● K E E P E R S

    Meet the Grid Activators + Keepers of

    P r o j e c t ◉ E a r t h w o r k

    Y o l a n d i | Star Seed Channel, Dragon Priestess + Healer

    Yolandi Boshoff is a Starseed, Spiritual Coach, Author and Healer, with a passion for travel, sacred sites and spiritual adventure.
    Yolandi teaches clients from more than 35 countries across the world how to listen to their inner guidance and return to the essence of their Divine Souls. She does this through DNA Decoding, Light Language Healings, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Channelling and Coaching.
    Yolandi is passionate about working with Mother Gaia in her role as a Dragon Priestess and Grid Keeper.
    Yolandi also shares her teachings through her book (The Starseed Sacred Circle), radio show (The Soul-Led Revolution), podcast (Soul-Led), YouTube channel, group meditations, workshops and retreats.
    You can find more information about working directly with Yolandi on https://www.divinesoul.me​

    C e r y n | Medium, Therapist, Author, Witch + Primal Guide

    Ceryn Rowntree is a Medium, Writer, Primal Guide and Therapist who supports clients across the world to build expansive and balanced lives aligned with the deepest power and wisdom of their Souls.


    A practicing witch raised in a family of spirit workers and land keepers, Ceryn's ability to see and speak with spirits and the unseen was supported from early childhood. Ceryn is a trained therapist and Coach, providing support to those on their own spiritual journey and released her most recent book - The Divine Feminist - in 2021, offering a deeper dive into her podcast series.


    Ceryn is based in the heart of beautiful Northumberland, England where she lives with her dog Kali.

    You can find more information about working directly with Ceryn on https://www.cerynrowntree.com

    C h a r l i e | Cosmic Healer, Galactic Grid Keeper + Intuitive Light Code Weaver

    Charlie Edwards is a galactic grid keeper and cosmic led healer, spreading the importance of how our individual coding can transform our life here on earth through the work that she offers. Charlie sees how these divine strands of coding are interwoven through every living cell on earth and then each connected to the stars.


    Charlie is a firm believer that our planet's wisdom is so sacred, and by listening and working with this cosmic energy through the light codes she provides, we can contribute to an enlightened communion.


    You can find more information about working directly with Charlie on https://www.charlieedwards.me

    R a c h a e l | Astro Herbalist, Vibrational Sound + Energy Guide

    Rachael Morley is an Astro Herbalist, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Energy Practitioner and intuitive guide. Specialising in Holistic Herbalism, Medicinal Astrology, Vibrational Sound Therapy and Energy practices such as Reiki, Sekhem and Shamanic based energy work. Rachael focuses on teaching the connection between our earth, plants, energy and the cosmos, relating it back to supporting the human experience.
    Rachael focuses on supporting others to reconnect with their natural energetic rhythms, through weaving the Fae concept of Ayna~kiya, the workings of both ancient and evolved elemental healing, opening the channels of pure connection between Earth and the Cosmos.
    You can find more information about working directly with Rachael on https://www.rachaelmorley.com

    E m | Shamanic Practitioner + Celtic Reiki Master

    Em Mulholland is a Shamanic Practitioner, Celtic Reiki Master & Metatronia Therapist who works intuitively with crystals, tree beings and the Ascended Masters as part of her energy healing practice.
    Currently training as an apprentice on the Irish Shamanic path, Em gently imparts the wisdom of the crystalline kingdom's messages from the Earth and also provides content writing support for Project Earthwork.
    You can find more information about working directly with Em on @one_spiritual_mother
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