Kambaba Jasper's Message | Wisdom

A channeled message from Em Mulholland.

· Emma,Earth Wisdom

Wisdom from Kambaba Jasper.


I speak of ancient tribal wisdom and the unification of the collective consciousness.

Look closely and you will see that my formations appear to be other-worldly,

But I am very much of this world and I come to you now with a message of grounding,

Shielding and plugging in.

My presence creates an energetic force held within and around your auric body;

I am a stabiliser,

A mood-enhancer and a comforter in reminding you that you are never alone.

Reach for me when the world around you appears to be a frightening place of topsy-turvy turbulence,

And I will tether you back into your own true heart’s light.


Em x

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