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    Star Seed Channel, Dragon Priestess & Healer

    Yolandi Boshoff is a Starseed, Spiritual Coach, Author and Healer, with a passion for travel, sacred sites and spiritual adventure.


    Yolandi teaches clients from more than 35 countries across the world how to listen to their inner guidance and return to the essence of their Divine Souls. She does this through DNA Decoding, Light Language Healings, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Channelling and Coaching.


    Yolandi is passionate about working with Mother Gaia in her role as a Dragon Priestess and Grid Keeper.


    Yolandi also shares her teachings through her book (The Starseed Sacred Circle), radio show (The Soul-Led Revolution), podcast (Soul-Led), YouTube channel, group meditations, workshops and retreats.


    You can find more information about working directly with Yolandi at www.divinesoul.me​.


    Storyteller, Soul Integration Therapist & Primal Witch

    Ceryn Rowntree is a Storyteller, Channel and Therapist who supports clients across the world to integrate the wisdom and power of their Souls more fully into every aspect of their daily lives.

    A practicing witch raised in a family of spirit workers and land keepers, Ceryn's ability to see and speak with spirits and the unseen was supported from early childhood. Today she uses this connection to share the stories and voices of the land and its earliest ancestors.


    Ceryn lives in the heart of beautiful Northumberland with her dog Lagertha and is never happier when the two of them are walking the land together. Ceryn’s most recent book, The Divine Feminist, was published in 2021 and is available from all good bookshops.

    You can find more information about working with Ceryn at www.cerynrowntree.com.









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    Earth Alchemist, Cosmic Creative, Light Code Weaver & Land Guardian

    Charlie is an Earth Alchemist, Cosmic Creative, Lightcode Weaver and Land Guardian who is passionate about rekindling a remembering of the old through the lens of the new.


    She believes that our voices are the most powerful way for us to protect the lands that we call home and the light that we call back, and shares her own voice through song and the writing of her monthly letters from the land.


    Through her connection to the cosmos, Charlie weaves and channels light codes – including those offered within Project Earthwork - containing powerful energetic messages and uses these directly with clients to support their own remembrance and the powerful shifts that can bring.


    Charlie lives in magical Kernow (now Cornwall) where she works as a guardian of the land and ancient ways to clear leylines and align evermore with the ancient cycle of energy that moves through that land.


    You can find more information about working with Charlie at her website, charlieedwards.me.

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