Ley Lines | Three Facts

Three favourite facts about ley lines and sacred spaces | Written by Charlie Edwards

· Leylines and Earth Grids,Charlie

What do ley lines mean? 

According to Wikipedia:

Ley lines (/leɪ/) are straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. The idea was developed in early 20th-century Europe, with ley line believers arguing that these alignments were recognised by ancient societies that deliberately erected structures along them. 

From Alfred Watkins to the straight line club. Ley lines have been a point of fascination for many many years. You will find many sacred sites and places of interest along the ley lines in many countries. Many sites across the ley lines have been built upon to assist in their remembering, you’ll find some have been depicted in sacred texts and images throughout history. I often feel that the energy the leylines emit is so powerful that goes beyond religion and human experience. Time and time again we return to these magnetic lines placed upon the earth.  

There are also many names for the magnetic current that runs through these lines. The Australian Aborigines call them the songlines, Dr Wilhem Reich called them energy ‘Orgone’. In China, they are often referred to as the ‘Dragon lines’. One of my favourites is “Terrestrial Magnetism”. For no other reason than it sounds extremely cool and it resonates with my Starseed soul.  

It is clear that I could talk about ley lines for days, but for now here are my three current favourite facts about leylines and sacred spaces. 

  1. Almost every megalithic site includes at least one hidden chamber below ground. The chambers themselves are said to be lined with stone, then covered with a layer upon layer of clay. These layers are often described as being built of many different types and colours of clay being used at each stage. The entrance to these chambers are quite often in the direction of a significant ley line or constellation. It is suspected that the chambers were used to control the flow of energy and for healing in the prehistoric times.  
  2. The energy that flows through these lines shifts and adapts through time. This is often based on a combination of things. Firstly the current that flows from the galaxy and its neighbouring planets, including the sun and moon. Then there is the energy we have imprinted upon the land as humans and the geomantic landscape to consider. Add into the mix the seasons and you have a completely different energy melting pot across different ley lines. 
  3. In past times there have been many groups of people recorded that took on a role to support each energy centre and ley line across the globe. Tending to its needs throughout the years and passing on its wisdom to the next generation. I have noticed many souls are being called back to certain land or space, not only because they have a strong connection to the land but they also have a desire to energetically harvest the land as maybe their soul has done previous or their family has done over years passed. Ever wondered why people suddenly feel pulled to move back home? Could it be the land pulling you back to the place you were literally born to be? It is a strong possibility.  

It is my hope that as we explore these lines further within our community we will rediscover our roles with these sacred lines so we can energetically return home side by side Soul & Gaia.  

Sending you oceans of cosmic love Cx