Triple Grounding | Why it's so important

Written by Ceryn Rowntree

· Earth Wisdom,Ceryn

Here at Project Earthwork, you might have noticed that we are big on grounding into the Earth. It’s such an important part of our work that each and every monthly meditation begins with us connecting to the centre of both the Earth and Source.

But why is that, and how can you go about finding that sense of connection for yourself, even outside of our gatherings? 

Why ground?

As the Project Earthwork website was taking shape, my part of the world was hit by a number of pretty serious storms. Heavy rain and wind hit the area, leading more trees than I’ve ever seen to be uprooted and felled as strong winds shifted their shallow roots out of the wet earth and caused them to topple all the way over.

In many ways, I think of us in much the same way as I do trees. When we’re not fully grounded into ourselves and the Earth around us, even the lightest of breezes can cause us to slip, slide and even topple over.

But when our roots are planted deep into sturdy ground? Well, then things change. Then not only are we able to stand tall no matter what life throws at us, but we have a sturdy foundation from which to grow and to thrive – not to mention support those around us to do the same.

It’s that sturdiness that is our biggest guide when it comes to rooting ourselves all the way into the very centre of the Earth. After all, what could be deeper? 

Grounding into the centre of the Earth

Grounding into the very centre of the Earth is our equivalent planting our own roots as deeply as can be, not only making ourselves as sturdy as possible but also making sure that our connection gets to the very heart of the matter – and of this planet we call home.

Because while rooting ourselves into the grass beneath our feet, the rocks under the Earth’s surface, or even the depths of the inner Earth is a powerful and important practice; the deeper we go, the more connected to this planet of ours we will feel, and the more support we will be able to offer Her.

That’s why, in our grounding meditations, you will see us moving right down through the top layers of the Earth; through the rock and the stone that underpin it, and further still through the inner Earth. In fact, you’ll see us moving down through each of the elementary layers as they stand guard around the heart of our planet, and be invited to take your own roots further into the very centre of the Earth. 

Meeting the Tree of Life

Within that planetary centre you’ll be invited to connect with a beautiful tree – the tree – which makes its home there. Call this the tree of life, the heart of Gaia, or any number of other names. But whatever your choice of name, this tree is an important part of our grounding into Earth’s centre.

It stands, tall sturdy and safe in a place which allows it to guard over the whole of our planet, its wisdom and its beauty. And when we connect with that tree, so often intertwining our roots with its, we too can benefit from the support, the protection and the wisdom it offers as we feel ourselves being completely held and supported in all the ways that matter. 


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Triple grounding into Source and Cosmos

Of course in our meditations we don’t just stop with one lot of grounding, oooohhhhhh no!

You see, we’re firm believers that each and every one of us here on Earth is the incarnation of a Divine Soul who first came into being at the very centre of the Universe. In a place and through an energy that we often like to call Source.

We believe that the vast majority of us travelled through the cosmos to incarnate here on Earth, living in and working with different galaxies and universes to learn lessons and gain skills that would benefit us and our planet at this time.

So when we ground ourselves in preparation for the big energy work that Planet Earthwork asks of us, we make sure to anchor ourselves back to both that original Source energy and to all of the Cosmic potential that is available to us too.

After all, as long as we connect to those sources from a place of protection and heart-centred discernment, connecting to Earth, Source and Cosmos can only ever ground us more firmly into ourselves, and give us a stronger and deeper foundation for any and all of the work that we go on to do. 

How do you triple ground?

To listen to our triple grounding meditation, simply head over to our YouTube channel and check out the start of our most recent meditation. However, know that you can do this grounding exercise just as easily for yourself by following just a few basic steps.

  • Begin by finding a space where you can sit or lie down safely and comfortably for a few minutes. When you’re ready close your eyes and centre yourself with a few deep breaths.
  • Call in protection in whatever way feels right to you – for me as a practicing witch, I always choose to call out to the elements and cast a ritual circle around myself.
  • When you feel safe to move forward, visualise a door opening up in your Causal chakra – the energy centre on the back of your neck – and a root of golden white light moving out and down your spine.
  • See that root moving all the way down through the building that you’re based in and right down into and through the Earth, moving through all those layers of the Earth’s surface and everything underneath until eventually it finds its resting place in the crystal core at the very centre of the Earth.
  • Allow your root to intertwine with the roots of the tree at the centre of the Earth until you feel completely safe and held, and then feel the flow of energy that moves back up through those roots, filling them and eventually the whole of your body with that beautifully supportive energy of Gaia.
  • Next see a door opening up in your solar plexus and a beam of pure golden light moving up and out; through the crown of your head, through the sky and the stars and then right out past the very edge of space into a place that is made of that same golden light.
  • As the beam of your own light plugs in here, feel yourself and your energy connect in to this home of Source – into all of the wisdom and power that exists there and which has always been a part of you.
  • Again, feel that energy begin to flow all the way back down through the stars and the sky, back into the crown of your head and then downwards, illuminating that same power and light in every single cell of your being on the way as you are reminded of exactly who you are and have always been.
  • Finally, send out a cord of what looks like moonlight from your sacral centre through the Earth into the stars and the on past the stars into a place that is pure nourishing darkness.
  • See this cord of light connecting in here, to the centre of that darkness and the place where all things began. Recognise this as the home of possibility and potential, and allow that sense of potential to flow all the way back and into you.· Know that you can sit in this place of connection for as long as feels right. Then, when you’re ready, disconnect each one – knowing that as a child of Source and the Cosmos who is incarnated here upon this Earth, you will always be connected to all three – and bring your energies all the way back into your body. Allow yourself to move forwards, safe in the knowledge that you are always held and supported in so many more ways that you have ever considered possible.

Love Ceryn x