Your Own Path | Grid Keeping

Written by Ceryn Rowntree

· Ceryn,Leylines and Earth Grids

As Grid Keepers, there are many different ways that each of us can connect to the land, none of which are any more or less important or “right” than the others.

From gardening to energy healing, and from teaching the next generation to gathering wisdom from those that came before, so much of the work that each of us are called to do in relation to Earth helps the grids that underpin and support our planet.

And while it’s easy to read our Grid Keepers page and think that either we’re not doing enough or not doing what is correct, the truth is that none of us – not even the Project Earthwork team – have all of the answers about what it means to support and tend our Earth grids in all of the ways that is needed.

So how do we start to connect with the land and tend those grids that are so powerfully calling for our care and attention right now? 


It begins, always, with grounding yourself into the planet.

If you’ve ever watched or attended one of our monthly meditations, you’ll know that we start each call by refreshing our connections to both Earth and Cosmos. We do this because it’s important, but also because that deep connection gives us a powerful foundation from which we can do any and all of the powerful work that calls to us.

Want to know more about this? Check out our recent blog post on grounding into the centre of the Earth to learn more about how we do this. 


As with everything, the more consciously connected we are to our planet, the more She will talk to us. And our job, always, is to listen to what she has to tell us.

Whether in meditation, by looking out for signs as you walk in nature, or by simply sitting quietly and inviting in the guidance that is offered, you open yourself up to receive insights and guidance from Gaia on how you can best support her and her needs.

Remember that not all of that guidance will seem complicated, and nor might it seem particularly exciting! But that doesn’t mean that the work you’re being called to is anything less than powerful and important.

A few years back I asked how I could best support the land around me and was told to get involved with local politics. It seemed like a weird suggestion, and one I wasn’t exactly sure about! But I’ve learned over the years to trust the deep guidance I receive from spirit, and so I did exactly that.

The work I did hasn’t exactly put me in a position where I can make big changes (yet!) but it taught me a lot, and gave me a much deeper understanding of not only the support that my local landscapes need right now, but also the challenges that need to be overcome for that support to happen.

Maybe your guidance will be completely different to mine, but maybe it will be just as unexpected! Whatever comes your way though, listening to the Earth is always a good place to start. 


Of course when that guidance comes, we get to choose whether or not to honour it, and how to go about doing that.

So your mission, once you’ve heard the guidance of the Earth and allowed yourself to sit with that until you know it feels safe for you, is to decide how, where and when to honour that guidance and your own connection to the Earth.

In doing that be sure to honour the planet yes – after all She is the home, the holder and the Great Mother of all of us. Recognise Her as sacred even as you hold Her needs close to you and your heart. After all it is the recognition of that sacredness, of the meaning the planet holds to you, that will help to shape your intentions for the work that you do.

And equally, remember to honour yourself too. If something doesn’t feel right or safe for you then don’t do it – discernment is always key to this work. And think too about the ways that your skills, talents and passions can be used to honour the Earth and tend her grids within or alongside the work you have been guided towards. 


Know that this work will grow within you and your life. The more that you connect with and tend to the Earth, the more the passion to do that will grow within you.

And the more you step into the role of Grid Keeper, the more your own connections – to the Earth, the Cosmos and the expanses of your own Soul – will expand too.

That may sound scary, and at times it can be. But know that you’re not on this path alone. A huge part of Project Earthwork is in supporting one another as we do this work of Grid Keeping, and as we embrace all that Gaia has to share with us.

That’s not to say that this path will look or feel the same for all of us. Just as there are differences in the ways that we are called to support the Earth, there will also be huge differences to the journeys we take as Grid Keepers.

But this community is not one of judgment. As long as you come to this work with an open heart and the intention of service, all of the other shoulds and musts can be thrown out of the window and ignored. Because when it comes to Grid Keeping, your heart and its path to expansion are the greatest guides you can follow.


Love, Ceryn x