• Working with the earth

  • what is grid work


    If the idea of working with the Earth and Her energetic grids is one that you are unfamiliar with, that can feel daunting. But the Project Earthwork team are here to remind you that need not be the case.


    Check out the video below for our take on gridwork and what this means to us individually and collectively.

  • Each of us works with the Earth in our own ways...

    Whether energetically or physically, through creativity, ritual, healing, or something entirely different, we all have our own ways of connecting with and tending the Earth.


    Head to our Substack to take in our latest transmissions and learn more about the ways in which the Project Earthwork team connects with the land day-to-day, or join our Facebook community to learn more about how others are doing this work in their own parts of the world every day.

  • what does this work mean to you?


    We each have our own relationship with this planet and those that surround us. So what does that look and feel like to you and, as a result, what does this work mean to you?


    In the video below Yolandi, Charlie and Ceryn share their own thoughts on this.


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