Adams Calendar | An African Stone Circle

Written by Yolandi Boshoff

· Sacred Sites,Yolandi

I had the privilege of visiting this sacred site a couple of years ago whilst learning to work with the Earth energies. As I started doing my research today to see what I could share about the history of this magnificent site I ran into a whole bunch of articles about people fighting about the age and origin of this amazing site and it reminded me again that I need to share with you what I felt when I visited the site and not necessarily the various truths about it from a 3rd Dimensional perspective.

As I walked to the site that morning in the dark with the group, we were all in silence, it was before sunrise and I had just experienced the biggest coughing fit ever. I knew something within wanted to be released and as the tears streamed down my face I started walking faster towards the circle.  

Our tour leader asked us all to make our way in from the North and then go on our own journeys as we enter the sacred circle. I waited until everyone was in and busy and I stood there at the entrance and asked to be shown what I needed to see. And as I stood there, I was shown how I needed to go to every single stone that was placed on the four directions – North first, then East, South next and then West. Then I would move to the center of the circle. As I deeply connected with each stone, I could feel the energies rising out of the earth, bit by bit.  

Our lives are like a journey through this sacred circle. The stone in the North represented my deep fears and desires, the stone in the East showed me how I wasn’t connecting to my truth. The stone in the South was gentle and loving, helping me to forgive and heal my deep wounds. Then as I moved to the West, I felt her rising again, my Divine Priestess self wanted to take her power back and speak her voice with an open heart. 

And then eventually as I sat down in the middle of the circle and connected with the center stone, I saw how under my feet the vortex of energy was starting to spin. The earth was concentrating the energy beneath the ground and opening me up to receiving.  

As I sat there looking at the magical colours beneath me slowly sucking me in, I could feel my heart opening. Again the tears rolling down my face as I was reminded of the deep connection that we have with Mother Earth if we allow ourselves to open our hearts. I was reminded of the wisdom that we have access to within ourselves and within the great Mother. 

And as we all journey through our magical circles, completing one spiral after another, every single circle brings us back closer to ourselves. Reminding us that our truth matters and that our deepest desires are important.  

If you look back at your circle, where are you now? Are you resisting a part of you or are you going to move through it supported by your Soul and this gorgeous planet that we all love so much….

Yolandi x

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