Dolmens | The lesser known Sacred Sites

Post by Yolandi Boshoff

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When I moved to the UK from South Africa, I was so excited to be able to spend more time at the various stone circles near my home in Devon. But then one morning I saw a post on a friend’s timeline about dolmens. 

I saw this picture and my heart skipped a beat, I had to know more…

I found one close to where I live and started doing more research into why my heart was calling to visit this interesting megalithic structure. I learnt that these structures are formed with a large stone slab (like a roof) on top of two or more upright slabs. The size of some of the structures are stunning considering they dated back as far as 5000 BC. Many moons ago these structures would have been covered in small stones and earth to form a burial site or a site of worship. What we see today is basically the skeleton of the dolmen. 

A few weeks later a book on Womb Awakening (Written by Azra and Seren Bertrand) arrived on my doorstep and as I opened the book a picture of a dolmen was right there in front of me. I was laughing at my guides for being so in my face as to why I needed to visit this site!  They wrote about the knowledge of the ancient Shamans around dolmens - the journeying soul would enter the womb space (dark space within the dolmen) to visit other dimensions and worlds. Dolmens are also called portal tombs – a portal to higher dimensions. This obviously made my heart sing, and I knew I had to go.  

On a rainy day myself and a dear Soul Sister set off to go and visit this sacred site called Spinster’s Rock. People often ask me why I feel so drawn to certain sacred places.  

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Sacred sites were chosen by the ancients because of energy lines that crosses these sites. When different energy lines cross, it creates a vortex of energy. You will often find people dowsing energy lines around sacred sites.  

So, when we step into these sites - we connect with the different energies, this leads to us remembering some forgotten part of ourselves as well as past life memories. It is like a switch being turned on again. That was exactly what this site did for me – the three stones holding up the 16tonne capstone represented 3 parts of myself – Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

We spent time first connecting with each individual stone, the energy of each stone brought up wounds and strengths that wanted to be seen and acknowledged. This time of insight showed me how I was suppressing a lot of anger and pain. That day I was able to leave it all behind there, thanks to this magical structure. I could understand so much more about myself and how I could view my life from another vantage point.  

When we are in these spaces the energy supports our ability to look at our wounds and problems from a higher perspective. At this site I was able to connect to those parts of myself and heal my Divine Feminine wounds. The visit to this site was truly magical and changed so much within me. 

Dolmens are found all over the UK and many places in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Each one will awaken something new within you. So, make some time and get out there visiting those mysterious dolmens!

Yolandi x