• An Avalonian weekend transmission

    Re-awakening the gaia within

  • Join the Project Earthwork team at the Heart Chakra of the Earth as we journey together to reawaken the Gaia within. 

    Over two beautiful days we will sit together in sacred space within the magical lands of Avalon to reawaken and reintegrate the fullness of the elemental forces, primal power and deep Gaian wisdom held not only within the land beneath our feet, but within the energy grids of our own bodies too.


    Through meditation, energy activation, spirit channelling, ritual work and the transmission of potent energetic codes, we will work to reconnect:


    • The songlines of the Earth with the bloodlines of your own circulatory system, and the ancestral wisdom held therein;
    • The energetic power of Earth’s leyline network and its connection to your own nervous system;
    • The waterways of our Great Blue Planet and the equal streams of consciousness carried within our own bodies.
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    Taking place over a potent Autumn Equinox weekend, we will sit in circle together both in the space in the famous Glastonbury Goddess Temple before journeying out onto the land to connect directly with the energetic codes waiting to be shared with us all.


    This two-day event marks the first live and in-person workshop for Project Earthwork, an initiative that brings together Souls from all corners of the world and all walks of life, who are dedicated to honouring and tending the glorious planet we call home.


    Together, we acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestors, weave energy grids and networks for those to come, and reclaim our place as stewards of the Earth and our place as walking embodiments of the beautiful planet we call home.

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    Your hosts for the event will be the Project Earthwork team:

    • Yolandi Boshoff, Star Seed Channel, Dragon Priestess, Author and Healer
    • Charlie Edwards, Earth Alchemist, Cosmic Creative, Light Code Weaver & Land Guardian
    • Ceryn Rowntree, Storyteller, Soul Integration Specialist & Primal Witch 

    Please note that the workshop will run from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 21st September, and from 10am until 2pm on Sunday 22nd September 2024.


    The cost of this event includes the workshop itself, and does not include food or accommodation – both of which are the responsibility of each attendee to organise from one of the many local shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, b&bs or holiday properties nearby.

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